30 Brisbane Marathons in 30 years

The first Brisbane Marathon was held in 1992 and Col Colthorpe has run all 30 Brisbane Marathons since then (31 counting the 2020 virtual event).

Col will be back on the start line in 2023 to run his 31st Brisbane Marathon.

To celebrate this epic achievement we caught up with Col to chat all things running and the Brisbane Marathon:

Biggest accomplishment?

"Growing up with my daughters, Sandra and Angela, is by far my greatest achievement. With running, breaking that magic 3-hour barrier is like having a burden lifted off your shoulders. But ( and it’s a big but), that doesn’t keep you running. It’s the lifestyle you create while running, the friends you make, the stupid things you do, and the people you encourage along the way. It’s the little things that make you realise that you have accomplished a lot by running."

When did you start running?

"I started running about 2 years before Brisbane Marathon started."

Something you would say to inspire someone who has never run before?

"Don’t think about getting out and running. Just strap on the boots and make a habit of getting out. The rest will fall into place."

5 reasons why you recommend Brisbane Marathon Festival :
"1. The atmosphere. You never feel like you are out there plodding away on your own.
2. The people you meet. Waiting for the start, or during the run, you will always meet people who will inspire you.
3. It’s a scenic course with plenty of interesting things to keep you motivated.
4. You are never out of sight of someone willing to help if you have problems.
5. I could not leave the drink stations off the list. They are a major building block that helps make the Brisbane marathon such a great run."

Which year in the 30 editions do you remember most?
"On 28/05/1995 I finally broke the magic 3-hour barrier in Brisbane. This is a firmly embedded memory, but the one I repeatedly remember most is the first Brisbane marathon on 17/05/1992 when I stood shivering in the cold rain for an hour before the race. In the race, I ran out of fuel at 28k. Feeling cold and miserable someone gave me a coke and at one of the last drink stops a man gave me a can of sarsaparilla. If it wasn’t for their understanding and generosity, the first Brisbane marathon would have been my last."